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Have you ever seen what's on the second page of google?? Neither have we! Getting your items to the TOP of search can increase your traffic by more than 50%!

Reaching your customers where they already hang out is HARD. Our Pinterest gets 500k views per month, all from Etsy sellers looking for help like yours!

We can literally SEE everything that sells on Tribe Hire. We know what buyers WANT. And we can create listings for YOU that make customers DROOL!

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✔ Your listing moved to the top of search

✔ Your listing in the next TribeHire newsletter

✔ Your listing featured on the Fuzzy & Birch blog

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✔ Done-for-you product explainer video for one 

listing of your choice (videos convert better!)


✔ Your listings moved to the to the first page of search

✔ Your best-sellers featured PROMINENTLY on Fuzzy & Birch

✔ Your listing featured on our Pinterest account 1x / month

✔ 30-minute Monthly Video Call with Your Account Manager

✔ 1 new done-for-you listing per month (we create listings
based on what is MOST likely to build your revenue)

Can You Actually Make Money Selling Etsy Skills??!?

⇡ This Etsy seller has EPIC Pinterest talents. She wanted to see if other Etsy sellers could use help with Pinterest… And that ONE thought made her $1199 in TWO WEEKS!


Sure, you can throw a sale, or try to post about your latest item on social media…But what happens when THAT doesn’t work??

What if I told you that the EXACT work you’re doing on Etsy *RIGHT NOW* is worth gobs and GOBS of money??

Instead of starting a new project…Or trying a massive undertaking (like a life-draining BLOG, podcast, or YouTube channel where you’ll need to create a never-ending conveyor belt of content…)

How about instead of making your life HARDER..What if we made it EASIER??

Stop trying to figure out the next “big thing”. It’s a waste of your time.

Instead, think about what you’re ALREADY DOING every day, and just monetize THAT!!

Why Sell on Tribehire?

Pad Your Monthly Income

Get Paid MORE for Your Time

No Need to Learn a New Skill

Trying to think of Etsy backups? What if  you could just do what you’re already doing and turn it into extra income? Tribehire can make it happen!

On Etsy, we often sell small products for small prices. So we have to sell A LOT! On Tribehire, sellers regularly make $200+ per sale. (So LESS sales = more $$) Yay!

If you're selling on Etsy, you have skills that other sellers NEED. Whether it's adding listings for a busy mom, or sharing your social media skills...Get it sold here!

Will People Buy From Me?

See What Are Buyers Saying ⇣

Rebecca Got More Traffic with Pinterest

Ruth Got an SEO Audit to Improve Her Sales

Christine Got an Expert to Choose Her Etsy Tags

"Miranda is A-FRICKIN'-MAZING. She really helped me think outside the box. I was super stuck and feeling very lost on which direction to go on with Pinterest. Miranda guided me out of the woods and gave me a real direction."

"Thank you so much for the SEO help! I can't wait to see the traffic improvement! Everything was presented very professionally and Stephanie was excellent to work with."

"Jen very quickly provided me with a huge list of keywords for my tags section! All clearly ordered so it was very easy for me to just add them to my listings. There are great keywords I never thought of AT ALL... Thank you!!!"

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